it is a cannibalistic carnival of carnal delights

flesh consumed by flesh until there is nothing left.

of you or I or the space in between. disregard the screams.  to stop

would be to deny the sweetest taste of taboo you or I have known

it is painful pleasure to wait

as teeth graze the skin wrapped tight,

each morsel a reminder that we are free

only here, where you are most vulnerable

and I am ravenous.

this forbidden feast that you and I indulge,

the cavernous need it satiates: to devour:

voracity is truth; base instinct undeniable

a return to purest connection.

we can be no closer you and I than this

attempt to quench carnivorous desire

with no conventions here to bind appetites

I will leisurely explore every delicious secret you contain

while you luxuriate excruciatingly in each determined bite I take.