1)      n. the act of murmuring; a low indistinct sound

2)      – of starlings: n. a flock

She had lain quietly,

she did not speak or even meet my eye

after I told her

I was leaving.

It wasn’t until I got up to go,

because the silence had become so loud

that it hurt to stay any longer

and if I was being honest,

I had not wanted to come at all,

that she finally opened her mouth.

I assumed she meant to speak, to yell perhaps,

to condemn, berate, beg, plead, curse,

But the sound that fell from her lips was soft

as the whisper of feathers.

It was the hushed flight of wings.

It broke my heart.

As the starlings began to free themselves,

struggling one by one

to make their way over her tongue,

clawing their way past her lips,

dropping into her hands

before launching into the air

like a waterfall of grey plumage they continued

seeming to scream

“Go.” “Go.”

So I turned and left her there,

with her collective of starlings,

all her pent-up, unused words,

her murmuration.